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The French Laundry Room

The Art and Science of French Cuisine

From emulsions to emotions, explore the techniques and traditions of French cuisine that will leave indelible family memories. Serve the perfect French scramble eggs on toasts you baked yourself. Master the rich and buttery puree of potatoes made at three stars Michelin restaurants. Learn how to whip the perfect Hollandaise or Bearnaise sauce every single time. Technique yields consistency, your inspiration yields memories.

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About Membership Benefits

All members of The French Laundry Room have access to the Members Only section of this website. That section hosts proprietary content including unpublished recipes, technical discussion papers, articles written by guests, and a number of exciting surprises. You are encourraged to sign-up, it is free!

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Is Membership Free?

Membership is completely free. You can cancel your account at any time. A membership is required to sign-up for the Counseling Plans offered by The French Laundry Room.

What are Counseling Plans?

Counseling plans are monthly based. They give you access to a set number of live phone or Zoom/Skype counseling sessions. The number of sessions and the content varies from one membership to another. In addition all subscribers have access to all the benefits a membership to this website offers.

What is the Difference Between Monthly Counseling and Your Online Service offerings?

They are essentially the same thing; it is cheaper though to sign-up for a monthly plan if you need ongoing assistance. Our Online Service offerings are charged per session; our membership Monthly Counseling include 6 sessions (Silver and Gold Plans) and 12 sessions (Platinum Plan).

For any additional information about membership and Counseling Plans, do not hesitate to contact The French Laundry Room by using the boxes below.

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