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Healthy Breakfast Children Love...

Who has time to cook breakfast for their children every morning? If you find yourself struggling with quick healthy breakfast ideas, here is a tested one that works with kids all ages...and adults.

The great thing about this recipe is that you can make it on the week-end and eat it throughout the week. The ingredients are: oats (not instant), Chia seeds, salt, honey, nuts (we use pecans), macadamia nuts milk, and fresh fruits. Cover two cups of oats in cold macadamia milk in a mixing bowl. Add honey to taste (we use very little just to slightly sweeten the mixture), Chia seeds and nuts; add a pinch of salt. Mix thoroughly until somewhat pasty in texture. Add enough Macadamia milk to cover the mixture, if it has absorbed the milk you first added (see note below). Loosely cover with plastic wrap and let the oats soak in the milk for at least 24 hours (refrigerated). That is all there is to it. Serve the mixture throughout the week topping the soaked oats with freshly cut fruits, more nuts, granola, or whatever toppings you desire. Keep the mixture refrigerated at all times.


Note: notice the layer of milk floating on top of the soaked oats. Be generous with your additions of macadamia nuts milk, you want slightly more milk than the oats can absorb. It keeps the texture of the preparation creamy.

The fruits used for the picture above include blueberries, strawberries, and mango. Factor in the sweetness of the fruits when adding honey to the mixture. Fruits that are very sweet (like mango) may provide sufficient sweetness; in that case, just skip adding honey. For a fancier version, top the oats with yogurt before layering the fruits on top of the yogurt.

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