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What This Blog Is All About

Sharing great food creates the longest lasting, most indelible, memories. Take control of how your children will remember their childhood; take control of what memories they will carry into adulthood. Great food is more about inspiration than technique, but to fully express inspiration, mastering techniques allows to translate that inspired vision into the tangible reality of causing emotional pleasure to those you love and share your food with. Embark in that journey with this blog. French food may seem complicated but it really is not. Some basic understanding of food chemistry is all you need to master some of the most intimating aspects of French cuisine.

Do you know how to make your own butter from cream? Do you know the difference between butter and clarified butter? Do you struggle rolling a pie crust? Are you intimidated by recipes that call for an emulsification of butter? Does a levain scare you? Do you even know why butter is such a prominent ingredient in French food preparations? Have you ever asked yourself why restaurant-served green vegetables like asparagus, Brussels sprouts, or green beans are so vibrantly green, while yours look dull? Or perhaps you have tried to bake your own bread and it was not as crunchy and chewy as artisan breads you ate at restaurants...maybe you never know whether you should be using baking powder or baking soda....or you have never understood why adding lemon juice and salt to your food makes it taste brighter and exciting. Whatever your reasons, you are welcome to learn safely about the science of cooking; it is the first step towards becoming a French chef.

Science is necessary but not sufficient. Cooking is an art as much as it is a craft and a science. Ultimately, food creates emotions that become our memories of times past. Harness your creativity through the inspiration that comes from exploring new ingredients, new combinations of ingredients, colors, textures, flavors. The journey is endless, their is no destination when it comes to food. Start your journey right here in the French Laundry Room...confident that hard work and an inquisitive mind will lead to happiness for you and those you love.

Welcome to the French Laundry Room blog. What happens in the Laundry Room stays in the Laundry Room. This is where we learn and hone our skills. As surely as the perfectly cleanly folded clothes that come out of your laundry room are what your loved ones see and smell, so will the delicious food that comes out of the French Laundry Room. Enjoy the journey!

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